How to transfer a Domain Name

To initiate your transfer you will need to enter your current hosting registrar.

Once you are on their website you will have to go to your account and find ‘Transfer Your Domain’

Every site is different so we cannot give advice on how to initiate it from their website.

Once you have started the transfer. Head on over to our website then log in to your account with us.

Now you’re logged in hover over ‘Domains’ then on the drop down bar click ‘Transfer Domains to us’

Type in your domain you wish to transfer to us. Now we require an Authorization code.

You can obtain this code from your current registrar.

After you have entered your Domain and the Auth Code click ‘Add to Cart’

From here follow the Carts instructions. Domain transfer will cost you only £10.50

After you have paid for the transfer it normally takes up to 7 days

(If the transfer fails please check that you have removed all privacy for your domain at your current registrar then try again. Payment will not be accepted if it fails).

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