How to upgrade/downgrade you hosting service plan.

To upgrade or downgrade you hosting service plan you must start by being logged into your account.

From here hover your mouse over 'Services' then click 'My Services'. 

Click your service which you would like to upgrade/downgrade.

Now to the left of your screen you will see a dropdown for 'Actions' under this click 'Upgrade/Downgrade'

Now you have your choice to Upgrade or Downgrade your service.

Choose a plan with the button 'Choose Product'. 

This screen will now tell you how much you have to pay extra if you were to Upgrade and how much will be credited if you were to Downgrade.

This is your chance to add an Promotional Code which you may have.

Choose your payment method then click 'Click to continue' at the bottom.

You will now recieve you order number. 

And you are done! Your plan should just take a few minutes to upgrade/downgrade.
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