Dimsquid Hosting LTD.
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be Dim, be Dimsquid.


Owner of SlothSocial.com

Honestly unbeatable, My experience with Dimsquid is so far the best service ever, I have contacted them now over 20 times and every single time I was helped perfectly, no doubt. 2 of these professionals I get an additional service and their names from the dim squid emails were: Jonny from service If I had the chance to know more names I would definitely write to them! They provided me Excellent, professional and nice service! Keep loving Dimsquid Hosting. Best of the best.

Adam Blackburn

Owner of bfgamers.uk

Very friendly, helpful hosts. Fast support. Had 0 downtime (so far, touch wood). Regular automatic updates and back-ups of our site. Excellent service overall. Highly recommended.

Josh Graham

Owner of DapperCollars.com

I wanted to transfer my domain from go daddy to this site, to start with it was a bit confusing but using the live chat the staff helped me through it easily and made it very simple. Highly recommended this hosting service as it's affordable and easy to use.

Mike Taylor

Owner of Tealibeily.com

Good hosting and constant updates and service overall.

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